The Lord's Air Force

All Prayer Bulletin

​Smyrna Valley Base

​​Week of 08-Oct-2017 to 14-Oct-2017

Prayer for a Sister in Christ that is recovering from a surgery.

A prayer request for a classified situation.

Prayer for unsaved family members.

Prayer for unsaved family members.

A prayer request for a couple more classified situations.

​God to take control of all a families lives and save them if possible. 

And for God to show a sister in Christ what to do about her husband.

For a Sister in Christ to hold onto Jesus even though she loses everyone.

please pray for a brother n' law who was told from his doctors he has cancer on his liver and has to have colon surgery next month.  As well as a classified prayer request.

Another Classified prayer request.

People in Serbia who have fallen away from the truth.

A family in Maryland especially a Sister and also for a Friend, with cancer.

A Sister in Christ that is concerned about a place on here hand.

A sister in Christ for healing from eye surgery.

All of our families, friends, that they may give their hearts to the Lord.

Pray for a sister in Christ who's father returned to a local hospital due to bleeding, that could not be controlled by other means at home.

A Brother in Christ with a classified prayer request.

Family members of a brother in Christ.

Prayers for those who are fighting addictions especially at the Blessed Hope & a sister in Christ's admission their soon.

many silent requests
The salvation of a family and friends of a Sister in Christ.

Another classified prayer request.

the health, safety & well being for the following here @ home & around the world: 1) Our P.S.E's & their families. 2) Those traveling & their families. 3) God's Creatures.

Prayer for the family of a sister in Christ,  in sickness and their salvation to come to know the Lord.

an up coming surgery, for a sister in christ.

multiple situations on all of our bases here @ home & around the world.

​​A relative of a Sister in Christ that is dying of cancer.